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HI-JACK Attention.

CREATE infectious Stories. 

CONNECT with more People.

SELL more of what you Offer.


Coaches, Speakers and Entrepreneurs - The world has changed. 

The way we connect and communicate has also changed. 

Simply pressing the red button on your phone and talking into the camera is no longer enough to attract the attention of the people you need to run a successful business. 

Social media and the internet is a noisy, saturated and competitive environment.

To WIN you need to stand out, you need an unfair advantage.


Well, there is a formula to attracting more than your fair share of attention and a science to triggering greater levels of engagement.

The two ingredients, that when played out correctly can lead to incredible opportunities for business.


The secret to social media success is present in every video that goes viral.

Sounds strange, but it's true. Viral videos are the alpha predator of human attention on the internet. They drive billions of views and millions of dollars of transactions every day. 

I don't know about you but when I want to learn something I always want to learn from the best so I spent the last 8 years dedicated to dissecting more that 1200 viral videos to help me understand exactly what it is that makes them spread. 

Those findings are the foundations of this highly successful program called Spread Factor. This program is tailored specifically for coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs to deliver maximum impact without the overwhelm of endless hours of extra work. It has been delivered to nearly 300 clients around the world with extraordinary outcomes and results results. And because it's based on brain science there is no risk of it losing its potency anytime soon - these are skills that will continue to serve you as long as humans are involved.  

That means the skills you learn in this program will serve you for years if not decades to come. 

Despite organic reach being an all time low, Spread Factor graduates are experiencing more views, more engagement and more buyers from social media than ever before. And all without spending a dollar on Ads or Third party production companies. 

How? Because Spread Factor teaches you not only how to create the type of content that the social platforms crave but how to do it in a way that your customers love too.


In a cut throat new media world where everyone is scrambling to be seen and heard this truly is an unfair advantage. 



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