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Virable Resources

The 3 Act Play Framework

Content is the key to future business…but simply turning on the camera and waffling about the things you like rarely delivers the results you need to succeed. 

Don’t know what to say? You need a plan.
Don’t know how to say it? You need a framework. 
Don’t have any viewers? You need to build your story. 

Use this FREE framework to transform your random content into strategically structured stories that capture attention and trigger a response.

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The Mini Course

Mini Course_cover.jpg

Making content.
Being a Broadcaster.
Transforming into a Media first business.

These are all challenges that you aren’t taught in school to overcome. 

And the bulk of YouTube tutorials are the physical content making steps you need to follow to make “awesome” looking videos or posts. 

The truth is successful brands, both on and off the internet, succeed because of the way they prepare their message before they say a single word. 


It’s tempting to pick up your phone and start broadcasting to the world but most of the time, if you have done the groundwork first, your message will fall on deaf ears.


The key to success in this space lies within the 3 Secrets.


Go learn How to Kick some Ass.  

The Book

Take your video marketing to the next level with this practical and insightful resource.

Like, Comment, Share, Buy: The Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Your Business With Video Storytelling delivers powerful and actionable strategies to move your company’s brand to the forefront of your customers’ imaginations.


Celebrated author, speaker, journalist, and consultant Jonathan Creek explains why video is the most impactful medium in which to market online and how you can leverage it for maximum benefit.

Providing a fully interactive experience for readers through the book’s video companion app, Like, Comment, Share, Buy contains an approachable and comprehensive method to unlock the power of online video and discusses topics like:

  • How to make social media videos with just your smartphone

  • The formula to creating contagious, compelling and viral content

  • The scientific research underlying the author’s approaches to social media

  • The tools and tips to marketing your small business on social media

Perfect for social-media savvy entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketing managers, and advertising agents, Like, Comment, Share, Buy provides a compelling message that deserves to be heard by anyone hoping to increase their online and offline profile.

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Like, Comment, Share, Buy

Virable ALPHA

1 on 1 Guidance

The ultimate pathway to being known for what you do, where you do it.

Build a personal brand and watch your reputation sky rocket.

Under the direct guidance of 'Story Master' Jonathan Creek you receive ongoing strategic, high performance creative direction to take the next step in your profile raising journey.
In the ALPHA program, you work directly with Jonathan to build on the foundations of your unique Brand Story as well as bringing consistency and clarity to your message.

The sole focus is to increase your presence in your market and attract a greater share of validated referrals.
Stop stumbling through the hazards and hurdles of social media.
Stop losing time and wasting money on 'short cuts' and fads.

Harness the power of consistently delivering strategically brilliant, high performing content and own the social media 'airspace' of your industry.
Be supported in your quest to be the best

ALPHA deliverables:

- Generating and refining ideas and angles

- On Call Script and Brand story direction

- Accountability check ins
- Performance assessments and reviews. 

Starting at just $100
Apply to receive an ALPHA proposal. 

Spread Factor program

SELF paced learning

The Most Affordable Way to Learn and Implement the ground breaking Spread Factor program. 

The online learning masterpiece with 350+ (very satisfied) participants.

Modules 1 thru to 10 including 30+ Guided video lessons, And 200 pages of Worksheets, story frameworks and templates to transform the way you communicate your Brand Story to the world.  


Virable Formula Training

Individuals, Teams & Companies

Don't just shift the needle - Turn the whole damn dial.

Join Leading Real estate agents, recruitment firms and Top 200 ASX listed companies who have transformed their teams into a well oiled, synergised and energised media machines. 

The focus of the world has turned.

Attention is a limited resource and Content is the currency.

The decision to 'do' social media has already been made - for serious business performance you have to be there.

The only choice you have is how you choose to show up. 

Half committed, boring and driven by ego OR engaging, valuable and connected?  

Leave nothing to chance as Jonathan joins your team and guides them through the transformation of your personality driven, story based, high performance marketing approach on your way to dominating the patch in which you operate.  

Your work will be assessed, aligned and complete as the ‘Story Master’ holds you and your team accountable and consistent on the pathway to success.

From $3,500

Speaking, Training & Coaching


Ask yourself...How much more successful could you be if you owned the airwaves of your industry?

That's the reality that's available TODAY. 

Does your team need a better way of doing social in order to see results and remain motived?  

Are you looking for New Strategies, Ideas and Processes to give your business the edge? 

Jonathan is an energetic, professional, big stage speaker who can customise his approach to suit your outcomes without compromising the key messages he knows work in this current market. 

Don't waste another day sitting idle and losing market share - this unique approach to building a presence, marketing oneself and sharing infectious stories is full of rare insights and strategies that have already transformed the way others are doing business. AND it works. 


From Small office strategy sessions to Retreats and Keynotes in front of 1000's in conventions centres - we cater for all occaisions. 

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